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What people are saying

  • "As a clinical Dance Physiotherapist, my goal in life is injury prevention for our dancers. The biomechanics, dynamic structural support and mindset of the MDM Footwear play a large role in my treatment prescription."

    Jenni Guest. Principal Physiotherapist. Smart Health.

  • "I have no hesitation in recommending and encouraging students and teachers to try the MDM range of ballet shoes. "

    Tanya Pearson

  • "This unique and innovatively designed shoe gives an aesthetically pleasing line and is an ideal shoe for a young dancer’s “growing” foot. It provides anatomical support while improving alignment of the lower leg."

    Janne Blanch, Teacher of Ballet & Allied Studies VCASS

  • "We've recently had some of our students move into MDM shoes and the effect has been evident straight away, almost eliminating their rolling entirely. Impressive."

    Dr. Elizabeth Cumming, Osteopath and Studio Principal at Ballet West Academy

  • "I recommend MDM as our preferred ballet shoe, they are a perfect combination of function and beauty. I love the built in arch support so the children are better able to work their intrinsic foot muscles."

    Elke Crowe, Studio Principal at Tutu Studios (Sydney, Australia)

  • "I was on teaching from 8:30am until 1pm today and I've noticed that my legs and feet didn't hurt half as much as usual. I'm really, really happy with my shoes and can honestly say I will never go back to anything else. Wow, thank you MDM!"

    Belinda Hernandez - former dancer with The Australian Ballet, Soloist with English National Ballet, Principal with K Ballet and now a teacher with Tutu Studios in Sydney

  • "(My daughter) danced in them tonight and was absolutely thrilled with them. For the first time in a long while, she had no pain through her ballet class."

    Kim Van Ommen

  • "I feel more supported, stronger and more stable. I taught RAD in them all day last Saturday and still didn't want to remove them! They are truly a revolutionary shoe. I am a convert."

    Nerida Harrison - RAD Classical Ballet Teacher

  • "MDM shoes are the ballet shoes of the future - but they are available now. Many of our students have been wearing MDM shoes since the end of 2013 – with great enthusiasm!! "

    Jane Allyn - Ecole Vocational Ballet Training

  • "The ease of online purchase as well as accurate online fitting tools makes them a perfect choice for busy mums! From a teaching point of view, I love the way they look on my students' feet (and the way they feel on mine!)."

    Sinead Vidler, Director Academy Ballet

  • "MDM have invested years of research into this sound product and have designed a beautiful ballet shoe that supports and strengthens the foot in addition to fitting like a glove and looking good."

    Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy

  • " feet don't feel any pain after long hours of dancing. Worth every penny. (Protract Jazz Shoe)"

    Kary from Ontario, Canada

  • "I absolutely love these shoes! They provide more arch support than any jazz shoe I have tried, and MDM's claims that the shoes help dancers sense and correct pronation have definitely proven true for me. (Protract Jazz Shoe)"

    IsabelAsra from Baltimore, MD

  • " I couldn't believe the difference in my bar warmup! I could feel the support and resistance immediately. (Intrinsic Canvas Split Sole)"

    Student from Orlando, FL

  • "We have used the MDM shoes on a child that rolled very badly, with much success."

    Janice Heale. The Dance Centre.

  • "They help my feet think!"

    Natalie, Lisa Clark Dance Centre

  • "These shoes make my feet work more, so I have gained strength since I started wearing them. I will probably never buy another brand of ballet slipper again..."

    Ballet Teacher from Sacramento, CA


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