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Fit Quiz

The MDM Fit Quiz walks you through the steps to give you an approximation of your MDM shoe size.

Please note: the MDM Fit Quiz is to be used as a guide only. As no two feet are identical, the results will give you an approximate indication of your size. MDM is not responsible for incorrect measurements, or ordering the wrong size based on this fit quiz. Where possible, we suggest trying MDM on at your local dance store for a professional fitting.

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Tell us your foot shape

What is your foot shape?
Select the foot shape closest to your own.

Tell us your foot length and width

Measure length and width of both feet
Use the MDM Fit Stick at your studio or follow this short step-by-step video:

Download the MDM Foot Measure PDF


Print the Foot Measure and follow
the instructions.

Enter Your Measurements

Right foot
Left foot
My length measurements came from the

Your mdm sizes!

These are the shoes that will fit you. See the full range here.

Over time mdm shoes will soften and mould to your foot.
For an instant relaxed fit order a half size larger.