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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Intrinsic and Elemental styles?

“Intrinsic” relates to our canvas shoe styles, and “Elemental” to our leather shoe styles. 


What is the pink part of the shoe?

The Pink part of the shoe is the patented Dance Base Support. MDM has created the only ballet slippers that offer support, guidance and also a measured resistance to encourage the intrinsic muscles of the feet to gain strength.

  • The Dance Base Support does not inhibit movement.
  • The Dance Base Support allows for full articulation and is not stiff like an orthotic.
  • The Dance Base Support encourages muscle activity to align students feet.


What is the function of the stretch panel?

The stretch panel which we call the 'Reflex Contour' allows the shoe to be to as intended for aesthetics, but also allows for the range of movement that happens through a ballet class. The foot is at it’s longest when in demi plie and it’s shortest in a tendu - as the stretch panel can stretch up to a size, it can move with the foot expanding and contracting as required. Perfect for fussy dancers or parents wanting to purchase shoes with growing room. 


Can you put MDM Shoes in the washing machine?

MDM suggests that the Intrinsic/Intrinsic Reflex (Canvas) shoes can be put on a gentle cold wash in a lingerie bag to be washed. MDM does not suggest that they should be washed too frequently as it may weaken the material. Please note: once shoes have been washed, they may shrink back to original fitting size and will reform to foot throughout continued wear. 


Where/how do you sew the ribbons?

The ribbons are to be sewn in the middle of the cross elastics. Please see our guide here at this link:


My studio requires ribbons, what do you do with the cross elastics?

When worn with tights that blend with MDM shoes to create a seamless line, the elastic should be invisible and threfore it is possible to keep on for added support. It is also fine to cut the elastics from the shoe if this is your preference. 


Can MDM Shoes be worn in exams?

Yes, all of the MDM ballet shoe styles can be worn in RAD exams. 


Which MDM Shoe is most supportive, leather or canvas?

Before MDM, it was thought that leather shoes offered more support than canvas but as the support structure is built into both MDM canvas and leather styles, the support is equal in both materials. The material covering the foot is yours or your teachers preference.


What sizes are in the Mini range?

The mini sizes range from 7 - 11.5


What sizes are the Child range?

The child sizes range from 12 - 3 


What sizes are the Adult range?

The adult sizes range from 4 - 13 


My daughter/son is five years old, what should they be wearing?

We suggest wearing either the Elemental or Intrinsic, as both of these shoes provide the most amount of guidance and support. 


Why has no other company thought to build a Dance Base Support in their shoes?

The team at MDM have a unique combination of experience; a rich dance pedigree and an understanding of the complex engineering associated with developing dancewear.

MDM understands the fundamental needs of a dancer. They understand what it means to be a dancer and the impact of biomechanics on a dancer’s technique. Most importantly MDM know how to translate a dancers needs into a physical product which lead them to design the worlds first dance footwear equipment. 


Why is MDM the only dancewear company that can sell a dance shoe with support and alignment guidance?

MDM have been very careful to protect their intellectual property with multiple patents protecting the innovation.

These patents include:

US Patent 9,414,639

European Patent 2549898